Postal address:
Str. of Kavaja

Phone: +355 69 37 69 292
E-Mail: info@hapatevegjel.com

Is there a minimum order?
There is no minimum purchase amount or quantity.

Are there any discounts?
Yes! If you are a registered client we offer to you 10 % discount for all products not actually in offer

Can I return the goods?
Please contact us if any item is defective. We will find a solution.

How will my order be delivered?
We always deliver with one of our trusting forwarding agencies.

Could I mention a different delivery address?
Yes, that’s possible.

How can I do the payment?
The invoice can be paid at the delivery or with bank transfer at BKT bank

IBAN ALL  – AL4720511265003175CLPRCLALLA
IBAN EUR – AL0820511021003175CLPRCFEURJ

Very soon you can pay with credit/debit card. Return of goods is allowed not more than 5 days after purchase. The product have to be closed and not assembled. The return is allowed only in our shop. You can spend the amount in our shop the day of return.

EUR Euro
ALL Albanian lek